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Regency Attire:
3. Purchasing Your Costume

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What shall I wear?
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Bespoke tailored clothes are a considerable investment. Some outfits, particularly military ones with lots of gold braid and special headgear, can easily cost over £1,000. This also means that you will want them to be properly authentic. However, some ready-made costumes are available and there are some expert individuals who will make you an authentic bespoke outfit at more moderate cost - ask your local Regency Dance society.


Some of our Visitors have suggested the following -
Burnley & Trowbridge Company
Burnley & Trowbridge Co. USA Providing the most comprehensive and accurate assortment of Fabrics, Notions, Patterns, Research Books, Shoes and Accessories on the Market.Specializing in 17th, 18th and early19th Century
Sherri Light at Farthingale Historical Hats
The cheapest she does is a trimmed bergere (a Georgian hat, fine for 1800) at £20, with simple trimmed straw bonnets and velvet soft hats at £35 plus postage, and fancy silk bonnets at lots more! She can make things to match an outfit. Make sure you specify that you want silk ribbons etc, or you may end up with trimmings from nylon etc. Sherri also supplis antique parasols.
Spencer\'s Mercantile
Canadian company - Purveyors of finest quality goods for lovers of heritage, historical, and reproduction items. Sells a wide range of items including silk stockings, sewing patterns, Military re-enactment, etc.
Allana Marsh Costume Maker
Wonderful bespoke costumes made-to-measure from a freelance costume maker.
Alwyn Gloves
Men's leather gloves, white and darker colours
Andy Burke
Historical shoemaker
Aylwen Gardiner-Garden
Sewing Period Clothing and Accessories for Reenactors, Theatres, Dancers and Museums. Quality Made Clothing, Hand Finishing, Sewing Classes & Workshops
Classic Costume
Makes beautiful bespoke and 'off-the-peg' historical reproduction Regency gowns.
Cloisters Inspirations UK
Range of regency clothing for men and women.
Darcy Clothing
Good men's period clothing and accessories
Dressing History
Milliners and Hanerdashers 18th and 19th century. Includes men's silk stockings
Ellen Rose
Regency and Historical costumes
Farthingales, Bath
For Purchase Man's coat from £300 Ladies gown from £100 Man's shirt from £35 Ladies' Spencer, Georgian Top Hat, Waistcoat
Freed of London
Dancing Shoes for men and ladies
Gabby Marie
A source for custom made Regency Gowns.
Harr Shoes (Germany)
Reproduction period shoes
Jane Austen Gift Shop
Men's shirts, Cravats, Gloves, Top Hats, Ladies' Bonnets
Jas. Townsend and son inc
A wide range of clothing and other goods appropriate for 1750 to 1840 -
Kevin Garlick (Isle of Wight)
Reproduction period shoes
Under Directory/Retailers, gives addresses for many dance suppliers - e.g. Gamba, Katz, Bloch
Marion May
Specialist of period clothing & accessories. Offering a unique range of both authentic & period inspired costumes for ladies & gentlemen with a price range to suit most pocket books. Extensive research has gone into our designs bringing you the period features you will love in a wide range of sizes, fabrics & styles.
Mason Dixon Sewing
Jennifer D'Onofrio - Dressmaker
Makes well fitting stays and beautiful Regency dresses
and petticoats
Mrs Papendick
Well made and historically accurate where possible. Very well priced. I will defiantly be buying from them again!!
Ostriches on Line
Ostrich and other feathers
Plantagenet Shoes
Historical footwear
Regency Regalia
Regency women's wear: Dresses, Headwear and Outerwear.
Robert Land Footwear
19th Century shoes and boots
Royal House of Whimsy- on Etsy
A source for Regency era bonnets. This shop has ready-to-wear bonnets, decorate-your-own bonnets with finishing kits, and kits to make your own bonnets from scratch. Custom orders are always welcome.
Sarah Juniper
Handsewn boots and shoes
The Button Queen
Expensive old and antique buttons
The Costume Store
Fans, Parasols and canes. Men's shirts. Ladies' Linen Chemise, Gloves Men's and ladies' Linen buttons & buckles. Feathers, Top Hats, Over knee stockings
The historical hairdresser
They do custom period wigs and hairpieces also sells on ebay under name wigstylesdesign . 18 years of hairstyling
The Needleworker
Hello, I would like to update my info for Mason Dixon Sewing. The business has changed to

The Needleworker
The Needleworker
Authentic ~ Hand finished ~ Quality Made Clothing
Historically Detailed Gowns and Accessories
Vintage Shirt Co.
Regency clothing for men. Shirts, Cravats, Top Hats, White cotton Gloves, Socks, Handkerchiefs
Vtaca International
Ballet shoes, Jazz shoes, Gloves

We are always looking to expand our lists, for the benefit of everybody.

If you have tried other sources and found them succesful, please add them to our list and tell us of your experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly!


Note 1: All information is provided by in good faith from information provided by visitors to this site. cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of any information or the suitability of any goods on offer

Note 2: If you think any of the information is incorrect or should not be listed here, please email the The Editors at




Regency Attire:
3. Purchasing Your Costume

Go to Related Pages:
What shall I wear?
Hire your costume
Make your costume