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Ambrose, Charles
Astor, George
Bishop, Henry
Bland, Anne & Weller, Edward
Bolton, Thomas
Bruckfield, T.B.
Budd, Thomas
Burnett, William & Rawlins, James
Butler, Thomas Hamley
Button, Samuel James & Purday, Thomas
Button, Samuel James & Whitaker, John
Cahusac, Thomas & Cahusac, William Maurice
Cahusac, Thomas (senior)
Cahusac, Thomas (senior) & Sons
Cahusac, William Maurice
Campbell, William
Cherry, I.T.
Chivers, G. M. S.
Clementi & Co.
Cooke, Bartlett
Corri, Dussek, & Co.
Dabney, Michael
Dale, Joseph
De la Cuisse
Dodd, T.
Duval, John
Elliston, Elizabeth
Falkner, Henry & Christmas, Charles
Fentum, John
Fishar, James
Forster, William
Frasier, M.J.C.
Gallini, Giovanni
Goulding, Dalmaine, Potter & Co.
Goulding, George
Goulding, Phipps & Dalmaine
Gow, John
Gow, John & Son
Gow, John H.
Gow, Nathaniel
Gow, Niel
Gow, William
Gray, John
Griffiths, John
Hammond, John
Harbour, Jacob
Hare, G.W.
Harrington, Thomas
Hart, Joseph Binns
Hart, W. Burton
Hayden, Robin
Hewett, John
Hime & Son
Hodsoll, William
Hoffman, A.
Hopkins, John
Hurst, Thomas
Jansen, Louis
Jenkins, George
Jenkins, George (senior)
Johnson, John
Johnston, John
Jones, Thomas
Kauntze, George
Kelly, Michael
Klose, F.J. & Bertram, J.
Lemaire, Nicholas
Lloyd, T.W.
Longman, James
Longman, John & Broderip, Francis
Major, Richard
Metralcourt, Charles
Nathan, Isaac
Noverre, Augustin
Paine & Hopkins
Paine, James
Parry, John
Payne, Edward
Pitts, J
Platts, James
Platts, Martin
Playford, Henry
Playford, John
Pollock, J. S.
Power, J.
Preston, John & Preston, Thomas
Preston, Thomas
Randall, William
Riley, E.
Robinson, H.
Rogers, Ellis
Rolfe, William
Rutherford, John
Sancho, Ignatius
Shade, George
Simon Senior
Skillern, Thomas
Skillern, Thomas & Challoner, Neville Butler
Straight, Thomas
Straight, Thomas & Skillern, Thomas
The Manchester Fan
Thomas, William
Thompson, Ann & Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Charles & Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Peter
Thompson, Samuel & Thompson, Ann & Thompson, Peter
Turner, William
Venua, Frédéric
Villeneuve Junior
Voight, Augustus
Walsh, I
Walsh, John
Waylett, Henry
Weippert, George
Weippert, John Erhardt
Weippert, John Michael
Werner, Francis
White, John Charles
Wilcox, Asa
Wills, Alexander
Wilson, Thomas
Wybrow, William

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